Architecture is the entire impact of a building: the appearance, the use and the spatial experience of a building inside and out, in four dimensions. But it is not always possible to experience architecture in this way. At exhibitions, during lectures, and in publications, pictures must be used to communicate architecture. Thus, architects often surround themselves with various experts in representation media. Koen Van Damme is such an expert. His architectural photography is intense and concentrated, involving much more than just taking pictures. Although reality cannot be captured in a photograph, Koen Van Damme reveals essential beauty by cleverly combining fragments of the whole.
Text, Caroline Goossens, 9/21/2012
His photographs are published in Wallpaper, Abitare, Frame, P&I, Prismes Editions, Decors, A+U, Deco Magazine, Federico Motta Editore, Belgium New Architecture, Ons Erfdeel, Vimadeco, Case da Abitare, Kwintessens, de Architect, Jaarboek Architectuur, A+, a.mag, Architectural Digest, Domus, Sabato (De Tijd)

2001 Offices, Lannoo Publishers, ISBN 90 209 46951
2002 Deutsche Bank, Sa philosophie, ses filiales
2006 Warehouses, Lannoo Publishers, ISBN 90 209 6240
2008 Experience Shopping, Lannoo Publishers, ISBN 978 90 209 7745 5
2012 Innovate, Lannoo Publishers, ISBN 978 90 209 9695 1
2012 Restaurant Designs, Lieven Musschoot, Stichting Kunstboek
2013 Vincent Van Duysen, a.mag
2015 Bontinck architecture and engineering
2015 United, Crepain Binst architecture, Lannoo publishers
2018 A baroque marvel as a Contemporary Concert Hall, Amuz, Davidsfonds Uitgeverij, ISBN 978 90 5908941 9
2020 Casa T in Works by Aldo Parisotto & Massimo Formenton Architetti, ISBN 978889182662-6

2005 Belgian Senate Photography Prize, second prize
2005 Architekturbild, European Prize of Architectural Photography, third prize
2007 International Color Awards, nomination architectural category
2008 Black & White Spider Awards, Honorable Mention and 3 nominations
2009 International Color Awards, nominations in the categories abstract and architecture
2010 International Color Awards, nominations category of fine art
2010 Canvascollectie/Collection RTBF, 3 works selected for final exhibition in Bozar
2010 Black & White Spider Awards, nomination category of architecture
2011 International Color Awards, nomination category of architecture
2012 Archifocus, first prize professional jury
2013 Archifocus, first prize professional jury, overall winner
2014 Black & White Spider Awards, 4 nominations architectural category
2015 Black & White Spider Awards, 3 nominations architectural category
2016 Black & White Spider Awards, 1st prize Outstanding Achievement, Honorable Mention, 4 nominations
2018 Black & White Spider Awards, nomination category of architecture
2019 Circle Foundation for the Arts, Finalist CFA Artist of the Year Award
2021 Black & White Spider Awards, nomination
2022 Black & White Spider Awards, 2 nominations
2023 18th Annual Black and White Spider Awards 
        2nd Place - Merit of Excellence in Architectural / Care Center
         Honorable Mention in Architectural / BA residence
         Nominee in Architectural / home S

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